"Transform your mind and body for the long term."
– Elle UK

Are you outwardly calm but inwardly in a constant battle with racing thoughts, overthinking, and crippling self-doubt?

Do you wish you could regain control of your anxious thoughts to feel calm, energised and enthusiastic about life again?

The Soothe Programme will effortlessly change your approach to life.

"I found myself going through a period of crisis and reached out to Nahid, and I'm so glad I did. The tools and wisdom she has imparted have been genuinely life-changing. I'm returning to a more grounded, regulated state. This work has shifted things for me in a way I never knew possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nahid.”
- Ali Bastian

More and more high-achieving women are suffering from brain and body burnout, but there is a way to recalibrate and find the calm you deserve.

"I came to Nahid in desperation, having tried various psychological therapy interventions to help me manage a chronic somatic dissociative disorder. My symptoms range from freezing to seizures. The simplicity of awareness of my breathing and movement has given me space and greater control in my day-to-day tasks and how I respond to “stimuli.” The frequency and severity of my episodes have reduced. I enjoy new options to think and react differently.” 
– Lesley

The problem with many solutions, like one-size-fits-all medication and talking therapies, is that they focus only on one facet of your self-image and symptoms. But without a holistic approach that considers the many aspects of your physical and mental experience, you won’t see lasting change.

The Soothe Programme, a unique new self-learning method that based around a deeper understanding of the nervous system, recognises that you have an integrated mind and body.
This Programme is the result of years of working closely with clients, trialling and tweaking the programme to suit their needs. They have all achieved powerful results shifting them out of chronic states and into healthier lifestyles.
Harness your body's wisdom to overcome stress. This program guides you in regulating brain-to-body communication, making you less reactive to life's challenges.

Quieten your nervous system. By actively calming your body (blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tone), you naturally reduce brain activity and diminish anxiety.

Rewire for emotional agility. Learn to release physical tension and cultivate a calmer mind that thinks clearly under pressure.

Develop interoceptive sense: Understand your body's signals to balance yourself emotionally and stay resilient in any situation.

Integrated approach: This program addresses your entire being: physiology, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

"I have stopped wanting to please everyone. I have firmer boundaries around work. I am sleeping well and feel reconnected to myself and my life."

– Bianca

"I had years of therapy but still found myself either boiling with rage or in despair. In the sessions I had profound revelations about how I approach life. I process my feelings much more compassionately, and this has radically improved my mental health."
– R

Ready to make lasting change?

12 Weeks to turn you from someone who feels weighed down by responsibilities, lacks energy, procrastinates, feels hopeless and burnout or anxious. To someone with vibrant energy who is enthusiastic about life and looks forward to the future.

Book your initial 30-minute call to see how we can work together.

Take radical ownership of your life and re-find the balance you need to feel in control in just 3 months.

If you’re ready to tackle your health and wellbeing issues once and for all, I made The Soothe Programme for you.
It’s designed as a targeted course of 12 sessions where we work on a one-to-one basis to tackle chronic anxiety, stress, or sleep issues. The programme also works to let go of long-held trauma issues. I can work alongside your therapist but can also take clients directly.

This truly is at the cutting edge of neuroscience research, combining the latest developments in brain-body communication with actionable movement and breathwork practices.

"I was emotionally shut down and avoided eye contact. Now I have a better sense of self. I am more confident in my ability to look after my needs."
– Claire

"Through the tiny movements, I was able to release traumas, resentments and resistance." – Sue, Psychiatrist

Are you ready to cultivate a compassionate relationship with yourself through The Soothe Programme?

You will be able to:

•  Stop stress and anxiety in real time.
•  Reduce the long term effects of stress and anxiety on your body and mind.
•  Remain emotionally resilient in an ever-changing environment.
•  Super charge your brain function.
•  Redefine who you are.
•  Deeply care for yourself.
What do you get?

•  Weekly 1-to-1 live sessions and recording.
•  4 short audio practice sessions to listen on-the-go.
•  The session recording to come back to whenever you need a refresher.
•  Areas of focus to work on weekly to support your development.
•  WhatsApp support for the entire 3 months.

Ready to make lasting change?

12 Weeks to Transform Your Emotions.
Stop Existing, Start Thriving.

Book your initial 30-minute call to see how we can work together.

Full Programme Investment £3,660

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