"Nahid has totally transformed my yoga practice. In a few sessions, she deepened my knowledge and awareness of my body and it's movements. Nahid not only brings you deep into your body through yoga, but also through mediation and restorative yoga, helps to balance and ground, which has helped me tremendously. I always feel blissful after a class with Nahid." 
Gemma Arterton, Actress.

“Nahid is an inspiring and wonderful yoga teacher - hands-on, checked postures up close, brilliant for dynamic and restorative classes. Moved seamlessly from beginners and advanced. I can't recommend her enough”
Nicola Jeal, Editor. The Times Magazine.

“Nahid is the only person who's ever made yoga make sense to me, the only person who ever inspired me to persist to the point I feel like I Get it. Every time I leave her class, I feel like a million (calmer, saner) dollars, and I sleep like a dream. On a purely superficial level, my posture is hot under her teaching.“
Polly Vernon, Journalist.