Private Coaching

“The Human Method has simply changed my life... I sleep and breath better. I am more intuitive about my body and how I move. I can control stressful situations much better. After a serious tibial fracture two years ago, my mobility has improved. I can now sit on my heels easily. My surgeon was adamant, that it wouldn’t be possible. He is very happy that I have proved him wrong.”
- Arletta

8 x 60 minute sessions

4 x 60 minute sessions

Session FAQ's

Why book a private session?

The private sessions are for anyone who wants a more bespoke approach to meet their goals. Perhaps you have a specific issue that you are looking to resolve? The problem could be chronic stress, anxiety, depression, or even injury or illness recovery. Or perhaps you want to move well, to keep mobile and mentally agile, and prefer working on a one-to-one basis.

How many sessions do I need?

It all depends on why you are coming to see me. This work has accumulative and sustainable results. Clients usually start with eight sessions to see real change. I also offer intensive packages for sleep, stress, and anxiety issues. If you want to work with me for a longer term, I offer a monthly retainer fee for clients who want ongoing private sessions.

What type of conditions can you help to alleviate?

I work with people who have different issues they want to address. The issues range from chronic stress; insomnia and sleep issues; menopausal issues; period pain; anxiety; depression; back pain; injury and illness recovery; navigating life changes such as divorce; Sports injuries; postural habits; managing Parkinson’s; and wanting to stay mobile, strong, and mentally agile. As well as working with clients directly, I work alongside clients’ psychotherapists and counsellors to help shift long-held trauma issues.


You can buy a single private session or buy a pack of eight sessions. I also offer The Soothe Programme, a three-month intensive mentoring package for deeper learning, to shift chronic states and unhelpful habits and establish a sustainable healthy lifestyle.There are various ways to work with me; please get in touch to arrange a call and find out how we can work together.

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