• Duration

    12 Weeks

    The Soothe Programme

    Heal from trauma, chronic stress and anxiety with movement

    Stress. Anxiety. Burnout. You contract. Your muscles tense. Your jaw clenches. Your hands form into fists. You’re getting ready to freeze or flee, your brain-body’s response to stress.
    In our modern world, being bombarded with information, we are constantly in contraction. And this means…
    You can’t function well. Your brain thinks you’re under attack (fertility problems, IBS, constant worry, not sleeping well). You’re stuck.
    That’s not where you want to be.
    You want to be resilient. You want to be calm. Hopeful. Joyful. Able to sleep. Look forward to the future.
    The programme for chronic anxiety, stress and burnout if you have tried to think yourself out of your problems but realise you need to learn to feel.

    "Self care at its finest" – Evening Standard

    What's included?

    12 Video Lessons

    6 Live Q&A Classes

    12 Motivation Emails

    Chat Facility

    4 Audio Practise Lessons

    What to expect over 12 weeks.

    Meet Nahid

    Nahid de Belgeonne

    Nahid de Belgeonne, known as “the nervous system whisperer”,  is a Somatic Movement coach, breath and yoga teacher with a passion for sharing the healing benefits of movement. The transformative powers of movement first became clear to her in her teens, when vigorous physical exercise helped her to shift through emotional states.

    Nahid has been a pivotal part of the London fitness landscape for 15 years, first operating successful yoga & wellbeing brand, Good Vibes, in central London, then for the past 2 years focusing on private clients and emerging as a thought leader on nervous system regulation. She has a diverse background in the fashion, technology, and publishing sectors. The common thread in her life is learning how to stay agile in an ever-changing environment.
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