Six weeks to a calmer, more resilient you.

The next Group Programme starts on Sunday 7th January 7.30pm

Learn how to identify your triggers and develop a daily soothing practice.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety? Do you wish you could regain control of your anxious thoughts to feel calm, energised and enthusiastic about life again?

If so, then the Soothe Group 12-week programme is for you.

"Through the tiny movements, I was able to release traumas, resentments and resistance."

– Sue, Psychiatrist

This unique one-to-one programme is being offered as group sessions. The programme is based on a deeper understanding of the nervous system and how to regulate it. It is designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, and build emotional resilience.

The programme activates your body’s inherent wisdom for rest, repair, and healing, by showing you how to regulate your brain-to-body communication so that you are less reactive to stressors in your life. By re-wiring your brain to release tensions in your physical body, you will influence your mind to become calmer and to think clearly. You will cultivate the ability to listen to the signals from your body, honing your Interoceptive sense - to bring yourself back into balance and stay emotionally agile, no matter what life throws at you. By allowing your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tone, and other metabolic factors
to quieten down, your brain activity is slowed, reducing your hypervigilance and feelings of anxiety. My clients have shown me again and again that you can’t think yourself out of a feeling state. This programme works with more than your cognitive mind, it works with your whole self: your physiology, feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions and behaviours. This truly is at the cutting edge of neuroscience research, combining the latest developments in brain-body communication with actionable movement and breathwork practices.

"My Mother was highly critical of my life choices, so losing her this year has been incredibly painful and complicated. But Nahid’s sessions have been so nourishing. I’ve finally been able to let go of the pain and the grief, and I’m starting to feel like myself again. If you’re struggling with loss, I highly recommend working with Nahid."
– Amelia

About Nahid

I am an Author and Somatic Movement Educator, breath and restorative teacher with over eighteen years of experience. I am a thought leader on nervous system regulation, and I’ve helped hundreds of people to improve their mental and physical health. I’ve been featured in in The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Elle UK Magazine, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, ES Magazine, Stylist Magazine amongst others.

"The tools and wisdom she has imparted have been genuinely life-changing. I’m returning to a more grounded, regulated state. This work has shifted things for me in a way I never knew possible.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nahid.”

– Ali Bastian

In the Soothe Group Programme you will learn:

•  How to identify your own personal triggers for stress and anxiety
•  How to develop a daily soothing practice
•  How to understand the nervous system and how to retrain it
•  How to recognise the physical signs of stress and anxiety
•  How to tap into your interoceptive sense to reduce stress and anxiety
•  How to set boundaries and communicate effectively with others
•  How to improve your sleep quality
•  How to find the soothing tools that work best for you
•  How to cope with difficult emotions in a healthy way
•  How to build resilience and a positive outlook

The programme is delivered in a supportive and welcoming environment. You will have the opportunity to connect with other people who are also on the same path to reducing stress and anxiety.

The Soothe Group Programme is right for you if you are:

•  Experiencing burnout, stress, or anxiety.
•  Feeling muscular tension and regular aches and pains.
•  Having difficulty sleeping.
•  Having headaches or migraines.
•  Having pain in your neck, back, or shoulders.
•  Having difficulty concentrating.
•  Feeling overwhelmed or stressed.
•  Feeling like you are not in control of your emotions and wellbeing

“I came to Nahid in desperation, having tried various psychological therapy interventions to help me manage a chronic somatic dissociative disorder. My symptoms range from freezing to seizures. The simplicity of awareness of my breathing and movement has given me space and greater control in my day-to-day tasks and how I respond to “stimuli.” The frequency and severity of my episodes have reduced. I enjoy new options to think and react differently.”
– Lesley

The programme is delivered in a group setting, which provides support and accountability. You will learn how to apply the lessons to your own life, so you can continue to reap the benefits of the programme long after it is over. You have lifetime access to the Programme to come back to whenever you need it.If you are ready to take control of your health and wellbeing, then the Soothe Group Programme is the right choice for you.
The Soothe Group Programme will help you to:

•  Learn how to manage stress and anxiety.
•  Improve your posture and flexibility.
•  Relieve pain.
•  Improve your sleep.
•  Improve your concentration and focus.
•  Take control of your health and wellbeing.

Ready to make lasting change?

What you get:

Self-paced sessions every week
Live check in and Q&As
• Lifetime access to recordings to come back to whenever you need a refresher
• Areas of focus to work on weekly to support your development
• Email support throughout the eight weeks to help keep you motivated and on track

Each live session is 75 minutes including check in and Q&A

The next course will start in April 2024

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