The Human Method™ with Nahid de Belgeonne

Graceful living through intelligent movement

A revolutionary mind/body practice that has transformed the well-being of exhausted, burned-out highfliers and celebrities is finally open to everyone.


Our Beginning

Nahid De Belgeonne, the fitness expert who has helped transform the mind and bodies of everyone from Gemma Arterton to fashion editors and CEOs releases her sought after mind/body practice: The Human Method™. 

Designed to help those fatigued from our ‘always on’ culture, The Human Method™ has taken Nahid over 13 years to create and is already the secret go-to practice for Nahid’s private clients. More Info…



Pounden House Oxfordshire
24th April - 26th April 2020

You will feel immediately at home in this stunning Queen Anne style country house, set in rolling Oxfordshire countryside. This grand family home is brimming with antique furniture, open fires, beautiful paintings and an apple orchard. The bonus is that it is within easy reach of London and other cities. The food is deliciously vegan with a few dairy options. This weekend is designed to recharge, reappraise and re-order in readiness for Spring. More info…


Cocoon Portugal
20th June - 27th June 2020

Cocoon Portugal is a 275 acre coastal farm + retreat, offering inspiration + community for the modern traveller.  It's also pure magic, where between the oversized hammocks and the freshwater lake, you'll start to lose track of time. The kind of place where each morning is a celebration, practising under the canopy of old growth pines, but so is each evening, with world class wine and fascinating dinner conversation. More info…


42 Acres, Somerset. Luxury UK weekend.
16th October - 18th October 2020

A luxury weekend break on an organic farm in Somerset with a beautifully curated wellness retreat space set in the midst of ancient woodlands and wild meadows. The weekend is designed to recharge, reappraise and re-order in readiness for the season ahead. More info…