The Human Method™
with Nahid de Belgeonne

Move, breathe, sleep and live better

Rewire your brain and body to reduce anxiety and cultivate a compassionate relationship with yourself

Cancelled trains. Overwhelming to-do lists and spiralling inboxes. WhatsApp chat stack-ups instead of real life catch-ups. We live in a disconnected world. Reconnect with yourself and live more fully through intelligent awareness and somatic movement therapy.

Do you struggle to fully relax and switch off, even on holiday? Are there aches and pains in your body that won’t go away, or tell-tale signs of stress such as migraines or IBS? Do you constantly feel like you’re in ‘freeze, fight or flight’ mode because of demanding schedules, and expectations?

Does everything feel chaotic, even though you’re working yourself to the bone to try and regain a sense of control?

The world we live in is busy, high-pressured and demanding. With so many demands on our attention, many of us are paying less and less attention to ourselves, with serious impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

At the Human Method we work together to recalibrate your mind-body connection and cultivate greater awareness of breath, movement and posture so you can move more easily in a frantic world.

What is the Human Method?

The Human Method™ "Rewire your brain through movement to reduce anxiety, stress and burnout. Cultivate a compassionate relationship with yourself.

"I always feel blissful after a class with Nahid."

Gemma Arterton, Actress

The Human Method™ - the brainchild of somatic movement educator, breath and yoga teacher Nahid de Belgeonne, is a radical re-learning system that works to intelligently harmonise the mind and body, dynamically transforming the health of everyone from exhausted and burned-out high fliers, A-list celebrities, and athletes right through to clients recovering from illness, injury, stress, anxiety and burnout.

How? It blends somatic movement and restorative practices with breathing techniques and meditation, soothing your nervous system and rebooting your brain-to-body communication.
Ultimately, this works to re-wire your brain, encourage you to pay attention to the beauty of the process, and allow your physical and emotional wellbeing to find balance while encouraging your body to move naturally, fluidly, and with more ease.

The Human Method™ has been featured in The Times, Elle Magazine, Tatler, Harpers Bazaar, Grazia, ES Magazine, and Stylist Magazine among others. Corporate clients include: Aromatherapy Associates, OTO CBD oils, Selfridges, Decleor, Oskia Skincare, L’Oreal, Orange, Mac Cosmetics, Estee Lauder, Aveda, La Mer, Shu Umera, ASOS, and the NHS.

What does The Human Method™ offer?

The Soothe Programme

A bespoke course of private sessions.
12 Weeks to Rewire Your Brain from
Burnout to Resilience.
Stop Existing. Start Thriving.

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The Soothe Self-Paced Programme

Self-paced programme + live classes and check-ins + private sessions
12 Weeks to Rewire Your Brain from
Burnout to Resilience.
Stop Existing. Start Thriving. 

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London Day Retreat

Wired, tired, cranky, stressed and tense? 
Spend a whole day to unwind from the tensions of city living in your body and brain. Learn the art of nervous system regulation for better emotional health.

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Weekend Retreats

A long weekend to unravel your stresses. Personal development to self-regulate your nervous system and leave with powerful strategies for emotional balance.

coming soon

Greece Retreat 2025

A whole luxurious week to unravel from the stresses of modern living. You will enjoy morning and evening workshops to oil your joints, ease your muscles and soothe your brain. You will leave feeling spacious and hopeful, with powerful strategies for emotional resilience.

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