The Human Method™ with Nahid de Belgeonne.
A revolutionary mind/body practice that can transform the well-being of exhausted, burned-out high-fliers and celebrities is finally open to everyone. 

Nahid De Belgeonne the fitness expert who has helped transform the mind and bodies of everyone from Gemma Arterton to fashion editors and CEOs releases her sought after mind/body practice: The Human Method™. 

Designed to help those fatigued from our ‘always on’ culture, The Human Method™ has taken Nahid over 13 years to create and is already the secret go-to practice for Nahid’s private clients who include fashion editors, A-list actresses and city CEOS. 

The Human Method™ by Nahid De Belgeonne blends slow yoga flow, somatic movements and restorative yoga poses with breathing techniques resulting in a completely unique practice that helps calms client’s nervous systems and aligns over exerted bodies and minds.

For the first time, Nahid is opening up the practice through a number of small 60 and 90-minute classes in central London and three exclusive retreats in 2020. The first Human Method™ retreat that took place in Puglia in June 2019 sold out within 30 minutes of being announced.


‘Like my clients I’ve spent years pushing my body through yoga. One day I looked around and realised that the modern interpretation of yoga was simply aping the hyper-competitive culture we are all trying to escape from. Pushing a collapsed body and mind through a bunch of powerful yoga moves just didn’t feel right. That’s why I came up with The Human Method™. I wanted something that cossetted my clients and their burned-out nervous systems. I wanted to remind them what it was to be in harmony with their bodies.’

A serial entrepreneur, Nahid De Belgeonne retrained as a yoga instructor in 2010. In 2016, she began to work with burned out city high-fliers and addicts using The Human Method™. This is the first time she has opened up the practice to a wider audience.

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