Yoga Class Information

Mindful flow is an alignment based yoga flow. Every class starts with awareness of the breath and builds up to a slow flow. We explore new poses every week to keep the classes fresh and with the right amount of challenge. There are options for beginners right through to intermediate levels.

Restorative yoga is a class supported by props, we start with movements to increase mobilisation, we move to deeper holds to increase flexibility and we end with releasing poses and yoga nidra (a guided meditation) to help undo the stresses of modern life. This class is great for those with a tense body, sports people or gym bunnies wanting a little more ease of movement, right through to those with a busy mind wanting find stillness.

Flow and restore is a deeply nourishing and mindful flow yoga class that starts with an exploration of breath and mobility and slowly builds to an alignment focused flow. Lots of options for all so you can dial it up or down as you wish. We will end with restorative poses or yoga nidra (a guided meditation). This class is an embodied, explorative and mindful practice.