Nahid has totally transformed my yoga practice. In a few sessions, she deepened my knowledge and awareness of my body and its movements. Nahid not only brings you deep into your body through yoga, but also through mediation and restorative yoga, helps to balance and ground, which has helped me tremendously. I always feel blissful after a class with Nahid.
— Gemma Arterton, Actress.

I am feeling so calm and fortunate this morning after a restorative yoga session with Nahid yesterday. I would sincerely recommend seeking her out if things have been getting on top of you, she is a wizard at unwinding and relaxing
— Sara Pascoe

Nahid is an inspiring and wonderful yoga teacher - hands-on, checked postures up close, brilliant for dynamic and restorative classes. Moved seamlessly from beginners and advanced. I can’t recommend her enough
— Nicola Jeal, Editor, The Times Magazine

Whenever I feel ‘wired but tired’ I have a session of restorative yoga with Nahid de Belgeonne. She eases your body into positions that switch off your mind completely. I’ve never experienced such deep calm
— Marianne Jones, Editor, Stella Magazine

Nahid is the only person who’s ever made yoga make sense to me, the only person who ever inspired me to persist to the point I feel like I Get it. Every time I leave her class, I feel like a million (calmer, saner) dollars, and I sleep like a dream. On a purely superficial level, my posture is hot under her teaching.
— Polly Vernon, Journalist

My one-on-one restorative yoga sessions with Nahid have been the best thing I’ve done in terms of self-care for years. Her grounding and warm presence combined with an incredible depth of knowledge makes for a truly meditative, unwinding style of yoga and breathing I’ve never experienced before. I always finish the session feeling peaceful and rejuvenated and always turn to Nahid in periods of stress and anxiety. Nahid’s passion for yoga and real care for those she’s teaching make her really stand out from the crowd and I can’t recommend her enough.
— Lucy Williams, Blogger and Writer

I’m now happily in a new role that I absolutely adore and am very happy. Being made redundant was pretty awful but I have to say that it was made a million times better having been on your yoga retreat a few weeks before. Its effects were long lasting and really carried me through the situation. I think my whole nervous system was just in a much calmer place and I managed to keep that outlook throughout my non-working period. I just wanted to say thank you. I thought about it lots and was so incredibly grateful.
— Katie Lee

I just wanted to say thank you for the class today. It was so informative and interesting. I’ve always been too scared to come to classes, which I’m now trying to change, and I’m so glad I came to the beginners workshop today! Thank you for setting me off on my yoga journey with such good teaching and practices, and I’ll definitely be attending more of your classes soon!
— Katie Baum

After suffering a Stroke last year, Nahid introduced me to The Human Method. It was amazing! It reconnected me to the rhythms and natural pace of my body and the benefits included a more relaxed me and boosted my confidence and energy at a time when I really needed it. Thank you Nahid and look forward to our next session.
— David Foster

You really are a brilliant yoga teacher and offer so much more than many of the teachers I have met over the last twenty years, many of whom seem to be more concerned with whether students are impressed with them, rather than actually teaching and expanding and passing on their knowledge
— Paul Firkins